Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Toy


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Perfect for pinecone loving dogs!

My Goldendoodle Charlie LOVES pinecones. He picks one up whenever we are outside. On a walk the other day, he had two in his mouth at once. I wanted to give him something that was tactilely/visually similar to a real pinecone and engaging enough for him to care about it. I was thrilled to find this toy. He took to it so eagerly and it's now one of his favorites. I love the nooks and crannies for sticking in treats and peanut butter. Great product from a company with a great founding.

Jenny (theprimitivepack
The dogs love it! For play and for enrichment!

This is by far the new favorite gadget in our house. I use it almost daily, whether that’s as a play toy cause it’s super bouncy and squishy, or as an enrichment tool with treats and food! Honestly such an innovative dog toy, and it looks amazing too 🤩 12/10 for sure LOL!

Kylie Tolosa
Not durable for super chewers

My dogs chewed off pieces of the pinecone within the first day and ingested it. If your dogs are super chewers like mine and get fixated on removing little things that stick out from their toys, this is not a good choice.

Hi Kylie, I'm sorry this happened. The Loblolly Pinecone toy is rated for 'moderate chewers' which is written in the product description. Different dogs have different chewing needs (i.e. power chewers, moderate chewers, mild chewers, puppies) which is why it's important to have a range of products out there on the market for different chewers. There are some wonderful companies who cater specifically to the power chewer dog, your pup has so many great options! Please reach out if you have any questions.


This keeps my German shepherd busy for awhile!

Super enjoyable tiy

This toy can be filled and hidds peanutbutter real good. Its easyvto clean. And frozen its an extra long toyjoy. Super!!!!


"Super cute but also durable"

"My chocolate lab absolutely cannot get enough of this toy. It's super cute but also durable for a dog who tears apart every toy he gets before I even let go of it."

- Emily