"Best dog toy we have ever come across!" - Alysha

Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle Toy


"Clever design that keeps the dogs busy for a long while!"

- Karla, Luna, and Ozzie (@luna_exploregon)

three-in-one design

dog sniffing Loblolly Pinecone Puzzle dog toy stuffed with carrots and treats


Tuck treats behind the scales to make it an enriching, interactive puzzle game! All the nooks and crannies are sure to keep your dog's mouth busy.

Dog on the beach staring at the Loblolly Pinecone dog toy mid-air while playing fetch.


The Loblolly Pinecone dog toy is made of a bouncy, durable material which makes for a fun game of fetch!

Dog playing with Loblolly Pinecone slow-feeder toy


Stuff the inside hollow with kibble and have your dog nose it around to get the food out. You can also fill it with wet dog food and freeze for longer lasting meal time!