Our Mission

To reconnect dogs with nature by evoking their natural play instincts.

Most dog toys are uninspired hunks of plastic with no recognizable shape. Loblola makes true-to-nature dog toys that inspire instinctual play.

Reconnect with the outdoors


We believe it is a dog's right to roam the outdoors and experience all the enriching benefits that the natural world has to offer. This is Friluftsliv.

This is why we create true-to-nature dog toys, helping you bring your dog closer to nature.

dogs in nature

Illustrated Shirts

Super soft and beautifully designed by Park St. Studio, these shirts marry together your love for dogs and the outdoors.

Wear it on a hike, to the brewery, or cozied up at home with your doggo. Expect extra cuddles too while wearing something this soft!


"The best dog toy we have ever come across!"

- Alysha and Bandit (@basicallybandit)

"I love the variety of stimulation and textures!"

- Jen and Chili (@theplaguedogs)

"Super pumped to add this into our regular enrichment lineup!"

- Cailean and Babe (@babethedeafpup)

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