Our Story

One crisp fall day amid the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves, Loblola's founder watched her dog, Lola, scampering through the woods, tracking curious scents, and gnawing on loblolly pinecones.

Her Aussie's awe of nature sparked the inspiration for a dog toy company unlike any other.

Our Mission

At Loblola, we seek to reconnect dogs with nature by evoking their natural play instincts. Our durable, true-to-nature toys spark adventure and curiosity and bring the simple inspiring beauty of the outdoors into the home.

Our Values

Open Air Living (Friluftsliv)

We view being outdoors as a way of life for the health, well-being, and happiness of dogs and their owners. It is how we connect and feel inspired.


We support organizations working to improve the lives of dogs and believe in reducing our impact on the environment by being conscientious stewards of nature.

With every purchase, together we donate to the Soi Dog Foundation which rescues, shelters, and adopts dogs, and fights to end the dog meat trade throughout Asia. Loblola is also part of 1% for the Planet, donating to environmental nonprofits that work to protect our planet.


We act with compassion towards all and maintain an awareness and appreciation for the natural world. Our devotion to dogs and nature is at the heart of Loblola.

"It is the greatest joy of my life to give my dogs more of nature and wild experiences like chewing on pinecones, lapping from rivers, and running free."

- Jenna, Woman & Veteran Founder of Loblola