There are lovely guides out there to help you discern the primary love language of your partner, your children, and yourself. But hold up! What about the love languages of our dogs?

Many may chuckle, thinking it a silly notion. After all, dogs are both easy to love and easy to please! However, dogs do, in fact, make their preferences known if you are keen to tune into it. For example, have you ever seen your dog drop a bone they were chewing on as soon as you mention a walk? In doing so, your dog is displaying a preference for Quality Time or over Gifts (aka treats).

Another way to think about it is what most motivates your dog. Are they very food-driven or does praise elate them beyond anything else? While it's likely your dog will be gung-ho for just about anything positive, you can use this guide to help understand which love language is your dog's primary one.

Love Languages of Dogs graphic

Words of Affirmation

Your dog is all about praise! They want to know from you that they're doing a good job and pleasing you! You can use praise as both a reward to reinforce training and as a way to bond closer with your dog. "Who's the goodest girl? I am." 

Love Languages of Dogs - Words of Affirmation graphic

Physical Pets & Belly Rubs

Your dog loves physical touch! They feel most loved when you're giving them the belly rubs and good scritches behind the ears.

Love Languages of Dogs - Physical Touch graphic

Gifts of Many Treats & Toys

Your dog is likely food-motivated and feels all the love when you give them something special! Bonus love: put treats inside toys!

Love Languages of Dogs - Gifts graphic

Quality Time

Your dog is likely a velcro dog—follows you everywhere you go! They really enjoy being around you and value time spent doing things they love! This could mean long walks on the beach, training, a fun game of fetch, or cozy cuddles!

Love Languages of Dogs - Quality Time graphic

Acts of Service

This one probably isn't outwardly appreciated by your dog, but you know and we know how great an act of love it is to care for your dog. The Acts of Service love language includes regular vet visits, bath-time, grooming, and a whole lot else.

Love Languages of Dogs - Acts of Service graphic

Which is your dog's primary love language and how do you best express it? Let us know in the comments below!


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