What is Friluftsliv?

Friluftsliv is a concept hailing from Norway which translates to "open-air living." It is the idea that a life spent outdoors is a happier one and one that connects us more deeply with what we come from. Friluftsliv is about delighting in the outdoors no matter the weather or season and without regard to age, gender, race, physical condition, location, or the way in which you prefer to spend time outside.

Friluftsliv involves anything from wilderness treks and skiing to more peaceful pursuits like laying in the hammock or berry picking. There's no right way or wrong way; it's simply about basking in nature and the open air.

Friluftsliv for Dogs

Dogs naturally delight in the outdoors, but what is doubly wonderful is how well Friluftsliv fits within the concept of Canine Enrichment as a whole. Canine Enrichment is defined as "meeting all of an animal's needs as closely as possible to how they would be met in the wild," (Bender & Strong).

Wild dogs live and breathe the natural world so giving your dog more of the outdoors will enrich their life at the most basic level. We want to encourage you to habitually and ritually give your dog outdoor adventures and opportunities to express instinctual dog behavior. These can be things like digging in the sand at the beach, barking at birds, sniffing and marking, laying in the sunshine, and playing with sticks and pinecones.

Living an "open-air life" has untold benefits for both you and your dog so dive into outdoor adventures with both feet (and all four paws)!

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